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Articles Of Amendment
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Articles Of Amendment


Articles Of Incorporation

Article One

The Name Of The Corporation is: C&C Heating & AC Service, Inc.

Article Two

The Corporation Hereby Adopts The Following Amendment To Change The Name Of The Corporation. The New Name Of The Corporation Is: Randy Cothran HVAC Refrigeration Maintenance Services, Inc.

Article Three

The Amendment Was Duly Adopted By The Following Method (choose one box only):

____ The amendment was adopted by the incorporators prior to the issuance of shares.

____ The amendment was adopted by a sufficient vote of the shareholders.

____ The Amendment Was Adopted By The Board Of Directors Without Shareholder Action As Shareholder Action Was Not Required.

Article Four

The Date Of The Adoption Of The Amendment(s) Was: 12-13-2012.

Article Five

The undersigned does hereby certify that a notice to publish the filing of articles of amendment to change the corporation s name along with the publication fee of $40.00 has been forwarded to the legal organ of the county of the registered office as required by O.C.G.A. Section 14-2-1006.1.

In witness whereof, the undersigned has executed these Articles of Amendment.

On 12-13-2012

Jerry Randall Cothran, President