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Under and by virtue of certain tax Fi. Fa. issued by the City Clerk of the City of Baldwin, Habersham County, Georgia, in favor of the State of Georgia, County of Habersham, and the City of Baldwin against the following named persons and the property as described next to their respective name(s). There will be sold for cash or certified funds at public outcry, before the Courthouse door in Clarkesville, Habersham County, Georgia, between the legal hours of sale, on the first Tuesday in December, 2012 the same being December 4, 2012 and continuing on Wednesday, December 5, 2012 if necessary between the legal hours of sale, 10:00 AM and 4:00 PM. The below listed and described properties, or as much thereof as will satisfy the State, County, and city tax execution on the respective individual and property. The property (ies) hereinafter described have been levied on as the property of the persons whose names immediately precede the property description. Each of the respective parcels of property is located in the city of Baldwin, Habersham County, State of Georgia. The years for which said Fi. Fa. are issued and levied are stated opposite the name of the owner in each case. Each defendant and tenant in possession, if applicable, has been notified of levy time and place of sale. Purchaser shall pay for title; all transfer costs, all taxes, advertising costs and recording fees. Amounts advertised do not include title, advertising cost, or recording fees. Contact the City of Baldwin, City Clerk Office for an exact amount due. Any mobile home(s) situated on the parcels are excluded from sale unless otherwise noted. Any mobile home included will be considered a fixture of the property. All redemption rights given to the land will apply to the mobile home.

Map & Parcel: 091B006

Defendant in Fi-Fa: Heritage Gardens LP Current Record Holder: Heritage Gardens LP CRH Address: % Alliant Real Estate Investors 21600 Oxnard St Ste 1200 Woodland Hills, CA 91367

Amount Due: $30,099.83

Tax Years Due: 2011, 2010

Deed Book: 651/790

Legal Description: All that tract of land being in the: State of Georgia, County of Habersham, City of Baldwin, Land Lots 171 & 184, 10th District, being 3.53 acres, more or less. As shown in Plat Book 55, Page 205. Or as further described as a portion of that tract in Deed Book 651, Page 790. Being known as Tax Map & Parcel 091B006, Habersham County, Georgia.

Map & Parcel: 2011029175H

Defendant in Fi-Fa: Heritage Gardens LP

Current Record Holder: HeritaGardens LP

CRH Address: 110-A Heritage Gardens Cornelia, GA 30531

Amount Due: $561.53

Tax Years Due: 2011

Deed Book:

Legal Description: Personal Property: Including but not limited to: 80 Stoves; 81 Refrigerators; 81 Dishwashers; 81 Microwaves; 2 Desks; 4 Computers; 1 Calculator; 1 Printer; 1 Copier; 1 Book Case; 1 Conference Room Table; 1 Key Cutting Machine; 1 Leaf Blower; 1 Shop Vac; 1 Pressure Washer.

Mirinda Dispain

City of Baldwin/City Clerk

* Deed Book: Refers to Deed Records located in the Habersham County Courthouse, Clerk of Superior Court Office where property is more fully described. 4C-2-26


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