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City of Cartersville Request for Proposals Grant Administrator North Towne Residential Rehabilitation Project Request for Proposals No
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City of Cartersville

Request for Proposals

Grant Administrator

North Towne Residential Rehabilitation Project

Request for Proposals No. 1

Issue Date:

December 20, 2012

Closing date and time:

An electronic copy must be submitted to Julie Haigler at by 12:00 PM on Tuesday January 22, 2013.

Contact person:

Julie Haigler

Phone: 770-607-6202

FAX: 770-386-1942


The City of Cartersville (City) has received a Community Development Block Grant (CDBG) from the Georgia Department of Community Affairs (G-DCA) to rehabilitate seven (7) homes in the North Towne neighborhood. The purpose of this project is to provide deferred payment loans to low-income homeowners in the Project Service Area to make essential repairs to their homes that they could not otherwise afford. These repairs will be aimed at correcting health and safety issues within the homes as well as eliminating conditions of slum and blight within the neighborhood as a whole.


The City of Cartersville is soliciting proposals from interested firms for providing Project Administration Services of seven homes rehabilitation in the North Towne and MLK area of Cartersville.


3.1. Inquiries

All inquiries related to this RFP are to be directed, in writing, to the contact person on the front cover of this RFP. Inquiries will be accepted by mail, e-mail, and fax. Information obtained from any other source is not official and should not be relied upon.

3.2. Closing Date

An electronic copy must be received by 12:00 PM Eastern Time on January 22, 2013 at the email address on the front cover of this RFP.

3.3. Late Responses

Only complete Responses received before closing time will be considered to have been received on time. Late Responses will not be considered or evaluated and will be returned to the Respondent.

3.4. Proposal Review Committee

Review of Responses will be by a committee formed by the City of Cartersville and may include employees and contractors of the city.

3.5. Review and Selection

The Proposal Review Committee will check Responses against the mandatory criteria. Responses not meeting all mandatory criteria will be rejected without further consideration. Technical Proposals and Cost Proposals will be reviewed and compared, and the contract will be awarded to the firm that is determined to have made the lowest and best offer.

3.6. Estimated Time-Frames

The following timetable outlines the anticipated schedule for the RFP and Contract process. The timing and the sequence of events resulting from this Request for Proposals may vary and shall ultimately be determined by the City of Cartersville.

3.7. Signed Responses

The Response must include a cover letter, and the cover letter must be signed by a person authorized to sign on behalf of the Respondent and to bind the Respondent to statements made in the Response to this RFP.

3.8. Changes to Response Wording

The Respondent will not change the wording of its Response after the closing date and time specified on the front cover of this RFP and no words or comments will be added to the Response unless requested by the City of Cartersville for purposes of clarification.

3.9. Respondent Expenses

Respondents are solely responsible for their own expenses in preparing a Response and for subsequent negotiations with the City of Cartersville, if any. The City will not be liable to any Respondent for any claims, whether for costs or damages incurred by the Respondent in preparing the Response, loss of anticipated profit in connection with any final Contract, or any other matter whatsoever.

3.10. Acceptance of Responses

This RFP is not an agreement to purchase goods or services. The City is not bound to enter into a Contract with any Qualified Respondent. Responses will be assessed in light of the qualification review criteria. The City will be under no obligation to receive further information, whether written or oral, from any Respondent.

3.11. Modification of Terms

The City reserves the right to modify the terms of this RFP at any time in its sole discretion. This includes the right to cancel this RFP at any time without entering into a Contract.

3.12. Ownership of Responses

All documents, including Responses, submitted to the City become property of the City. They will be received and held in confidence by the City, subject to the provisions of the Freedom of Information Act.

3.13. Confidentiality of Information

Information pertaining to the City obtained by the Respondent as a result of participation in this RFP is confidential and must not be disclosed without written authorization from the City.

3.14. Collection and Use of Personal Information

Respondents are solely responsible for familiarizing themselves, and ensuring that they comply, with the laws applicable to the collection and dissemination of information, including resumes and other personal information concerning employees and employees of any subcontractors. If this RFP requires Respondents to provide the City with personal information of employees who have been included as resources in response to this RFP, Respondents will ensure that they have obtained consent from each of those employees before forwarding such personal information to the City.


Individuals responding to this RFP:

May not appear on any list of service providers who are debarred from participating in federally funded contracts;

Must have knowledge of state licensure requirements and any other regulatory criteria which apply to the construction of houses as is described within this RFP;

Must be familiar with Federal Project guidelines and procedures including Section 3.

Must have knowledge of HUD standards.

Bids will be accompanied by executed E-Save and E-Verify forms, any proposals without completed forms will not be considered responsive.

Please notify Julie Haigler, Grant Specialist for complete RFP instructions that include the proposal format. Mrs. Haigler can be reach at