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In the juvenile court of Meriwether County
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In the juvenile court of Meriwether County

State of georgia

In the interest of:

Name: Markayla Hinton

Sex: Female

Age: 2 years

Dob: 12/23/09

Name: Taraji Lovett

Sex: Female

Age: 1 year

Dob: 06/23/11

Name: Ja'Kinda Lovett

Sex: Female

Age: 0 years

Dob: 06/01/12

A Child Under 18 years of age

Notice of summons

To: Marquiece Hinton and any and all other persons having a parental interest in and to the above-named children (mother of child is Cassandra Lovett)

You are hereby notified that a petition/motion has been filed in said Court alleging that the above named child(ren) is/are a deprived child(ren). You are further hereby notified that by reason of an Order for service of summons by publication entered by the Court, you are hereby commanded and required to be and appear personally before said Court at the Juvenile Department, 100 Court Square, Greenville, GA, at 9:00 a.m., on Tuesday, the 5th day of February, 2012, then and there to answer the allegations of said petition and to show cause why said child(ren) and all parties named herein should not be dealt with according to the provisions of the law. You are further hereby notified that you are entitled to counsel the proceedings and further that the Court will appoint counsel for you if you are unable without undue financial hardship to employ counsel.

You are further notified that prior to the aforesaid final hearing in said petition/motion, a provisional hearing was held thereon will be held at the County Juvenile Court in Greenville, GA., at 9:00 a.m. on the Tuesday, the 6th day of November, 2012 and Friday, the 9th day of November, 2012. You are hereby required to appear and answer the allegations of said petition at said provisional hearing. You are further hereby notified that the findings of fact and orders of disposition are made pursuant to the provisional hearing will become final at the aforesaid final hearing unless you appear at said final hearing.

Witness the honorable robert lee todd, IV, judge of said court.

This 10th day of December, 2012.

/s/ Louise T. Garrett

Clerk, Juvenile Court of Meriwether County

(12:14, 21, 28, 1:4)