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Planning, design,

administrative and related services

McIntosh, Georgia is requesting statements of qualifications and proposals from consultants with a strong record or qualifications, which will enable it to successfully assist the local government with development and implementation of a Community Development Block Grant. Responding firms should be qualified to provide planning, design and administrative services for a period of 2 - 3 years.

McIntosh seeks to immediately contract for planning, design and administrative related services for CDBG funds for public facilities. All contracts are subject to Federal and State contract provisions prescribed by the Georgia Department of Community Affairs.

Criteria for evaluation includes (1) knowledge of CDBG guidelines and regulations, (2) experience in design and/or administration of this type project, (3) knowledge of community, (4) workload and ability to meet the project schedule, and (5) track record for successfully administering previous CDBG projects. Proposers shall also cite examples of similar work in other communities, and include references from within those communities. References will be contacted.

Consultants may submit proposals for services to include planning, design, administrative and related services; OR submit proposals to include only CDBG administration and related services, OR submit proposals to include only design and related services.

Questions may be directed to Brett Cook, County Manager, McIntosh County, P.O. Box 584, Darien, GA 31305, (912) 437-6686. For consideration, proposers must submit their proposals no later than 5:00 PM, February 25, 2013, to McIntosh County. Proposals received after the above date may not be considered.

McIntosh reserves the right to accept or reject any and all proposals and to waive informalities in the proposal process. McIntosh is an Equal Opportunity Employer. Further in accordance with Section 504 of the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended, McIntosh does not discriminate on the basis of handicapped status in the administration or operation of its programs. (1/24)