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Because of the default in payment of the indebtedness secured by Deed to Secure Debt executed by ENHANCED TAX & PAYROLL SOLUTIONS, LLC dated April 15, 2004, and recorded in Deed Book 215, pages 158-165, Clerk's Office, Pulaski County Superior Court, the undersigned, PLANTERSFIRST, pursuant to the power of sale contained in said security deed will, on the first Tuesday in December, 2012, during the legal hours of sale, at the courthouse door in Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia, sell at public outcry to the highest and best bidder for cash, the property described in said deed, to-wit:

All that tract or parcel of land, lying and being in the City of Hawkinsville, Pulaski County, Georgia, more particularly described as follows: BEGINNING at a point on the south side of Commerce Street one hundred forty-seven and four-tenths (147.4) feet west from the southwest corner of Commerce and Houston Streets; running thence west along the south side of Commerce Street thirteen and five-tenths (13.5) feet, thence south crossing a proposed alley one hundred sixty (160) feet, thence east thirteen and five- tenths (13.5) feet; thence north one hundred sixty (160) feet to the south side of Commerce Street and the point of beginning; being known as 216 Commerce Street.

ALSO the use of the brick wall on the west side of said lands and the right to join on to the building on the west side of said lands, which building is now or was formerly occupied by L.C. Ragan.

Said property will be sold subject to the accrued and/or outstanding ad valorem taxes, if any. A deed will be made by the undersigned to the purchaser at said sale as attorney in fact for the said ENHANCED TAX & PAYROLL SOLUTIONS, LLC with the proceeds of said sale to be applied as provided in said deed to secure debt.

To the best knowledge, information and belief of the undersigned, the property is presently in the possession of ENHANCED TAX & PAYROLL SOLUTIONS, LLC. This is an attempt to collect a debt and any information obtained shall be used for that purpose.


as attorney-in-fact for


Hall & Hall

Attorneys at Law

116 Commerce Street

Hawkinsville, Georgia 31036

(478) 783-1730






Pursuant to O.C.G.A. 16-13-49(n), any party claiming an interest in the following property is hereby notified that on September 17, 2012, said property was seized by the undersigned agency in Pulaski County, Georgia:

1988 Chevrolet Caprice Classic, Vin#1G1BN51H3JR105424, Tag #AEG9365

You are further notified that you may file a claim within thirty (30) days of the second publication of this notice of seizure by sending a claim complying with the requirements of O.C.G.A. 16-13-49 to the seizing law enforcement agency and to the district attorney by certified mail, return receipt requested.

This 15th day of October, 2012.

Timothy Vaughn

District Attorney

Oconee Judicial Circuit

P. O. Box 1027

5401 Anson Avenue, Room 200

Eastman, GA?31023

Seizing Agency:

Jay Williams

Pulaski County Sheriff Office

141 Commerce Street

Hawkinsville,?Ga 31036