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WHEREAS, heretofore on December 18, 2001, LELAND BARNES, JR. AND SHEILA BARNES THORNTON did execute to THOMAS COUNTY FEDERAL SAVINGS AND LOAN ASSOCIATION, a certain security deed to the following land:

A certain parcel of land, together with all valuable improvements thereon, located in Lot of Land No. 63 in the 18th District of Grady County, Georgia, being more particularly identified as Lot No. 5 of SHADY GROVE ESTATES according to that certain plat of survey prepared by Ritchey M. Marbury, III, Ga. Registered Land Surveyor No. 1495, dated July 28, 1983 and recorded in Plat Book 18, Page 208, Public Land Records of Grady County, Georgia, reference to which is hereby made for the purpose of making same a part of this description and all other necessary purposes.

The above described property is conveyed subject to Restrictions recorded in Deed Book 193, Page 648-51, Deed Records of said County; and Modification of Deed of Restrictions recorded in Deed Book 194, Page 267, Deed Records of Grady County, Georgia.

Also the manufactured home located on the property identified as a 1985 ALSS, VIN ALS0348A/B.

The above property is known as 137 Shady Grove, Cairo, GA 39828.

WHEREAS, said security deed secures a note dated November 15, 2002 in the original amount of Fifteen Thousand and 00/100 Dollars ($15,000.00) and all other indebtedness then owing or thereafter arising between the parties, all shown by a security deed recorded in Deed Book 535, Page 266 in the office of the Clerk of the Superior Court of Grady County, Georgia as modified by that Affidavit to Extend Reversion Date recorded in Deed Book 730, Pages 87-88 of the Deed Records of Grady County, Georgia; and

WHEREAS, payments under said note have become in default, and the undersigned gave Sheila Barnes Thornton and Leland Barnes, Jr. notice of default and the right to cure notice as provided in the security deed, and the default was not cured as required, and the undersigned accelerated the debt and declared the same due, and the undersigned has elected to proceed with non-judicial foreclosure as provided for in said security deed.

NOW, THEREFORE, according to the original terms of said security deed and pursuant to the power of sale contained therein and the laws in such cases made and provided, the undersigned will expose for sale to the highest and best bidder for cash the above described property, after proper advertisement, on the first Tuesday in February, 2013, between the legal hours of sale before the Grady County Courthouse in Cairo, Georgia.

Said property will be sold subject to taxes for the year 2013 and any prior unpaid taxes, any matters which might be disclosed by an accurate survey and inspection of the property, any assessments, liens, encumbrances, zoning ordinances, restrictions, covenants and matters of record superior to the security deed first set out above.

The proceeds from said sale will be used, first to the payment of said debt, principal, interest and expenses and attorney's fees for which proper notice is given, and the balance, if any, delivered as provided in said security deed.

The person at Thomas County Federal with full authority to negotiate and modify the terms of your security deed is Theresa Butler. The address of Thomas County Federal is 131 South Dawson Street, Thomasville, GA 31792, and the telephone number is 229-226-3221.

This law firm is acting as a debt collector for Thomas County Federal. Any information obtained by us will be used for the purpose of collecting the debt described herein.

This January 4, 2013.

Thomas County Federal Savings and Loan Association, as attorney-in-fact for Leland Barnes, Jr. and Sheila Barnes Thornton, under power of sale in security deed.

John Turner Holt

Alexander & Vann, LLP Attorneys

411 Gordon Avenue

Thomasville, GA 31792