The Camilla Enterprise
Mitchell County

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NOTICE OF SALE STATE OF GEORGIA COUNTY OF MITCHELL By virtue of the power of sale conferred upon the undersigned G&G FARMS, a Georgia general partnership, by virtue of that certain assignment dated November 1, 2012, recorded in Deed Book 1028, page 68, Mitchell County records, from BANK OF CAMILLA, grantee in that certain security deed, dated March 14, 2003, recorded in Deed Book 665, page 320, in the Office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Mitchell County, Georgia, wherein ALLIGATORS UNLIMITED, INC. is the 5/9/12, 5/16/12, 5/23/12, 5/30/1222222222 9  0 ; p    grantor, such power of sale having become operative in consequence of grantor failure to pay the therein mentioned indebtedness in accordance with the terms agreed upon, the undersigned has elected to declare the entire amount due and payable and will, at the Courthouse door in Mitchell County, Georgia on the 1st Tuesday in December, 2012, sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, between the legal hours of sale the property described in said aforesaid security deed described as follows: All that tract or parcel of land situated, lying and being in the City of Camilla, Mitchell County, Georgia, and more particularly described as follows: Begin at the southeast intersection of Georgia State Route No. 37 and Bay Street, and run thence south 25 degrees west along the eastern edge of said Bay Street 420 feet, thence south 57 degrees 30 minutes5/23/12, 5/30/12, 6/6/12, 6/13/1222222222, 2/29/12 /@

2~   /   " A7 # 2 east 315 feet, thence north 25 degrees eats 420 feet to the southern edge of Georgia State Route No. 37, thence north 57 degrees 30 minutes west along the southern edge of said State Highway 315 feet to the Point of Beginning. This description according to plat and survey thereof made January 26, 1960, by William Lowe, Surveyor, and which plat is recorded in the office of the Clerk of Superior Court of Mitchell County, Georgia, in Plat Book 3, page 200. ALSO, that certain full right, privilege and easement as is described in instrument from Mrs. Mollie W. Phelps, Grantor, to Charles A. Blanton, Grantee, dated April 10, 1951, and recorded in Deed Book 92, page 93, Clerk Office, Mitchell County, Georgia, to which reference is hereby particularly made for the terms and conditions thereof. Upon completion of sale, the undersigned will execute conveyance to the purchaser by virtue of the power of attorney in said deed, the proceeds from said sale to be used first to pay the indebtedness owing grantee by said grantors, attorney fees in accordance with notice given, the expense of the sale and the balance, if any, to said grantors. This the 2nd day of November, 2012. G& G FARMS, a Georgia general partnership Attorney in fact for Alligators Unlimited Randall E. Chew, Attorney At Law, P. O. Box 664, Pelham, Georgia 31779