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NOTICE OF SALE UNDER POWER GEORIGA, BULLOCH COUNTY Because of default in the payment of note secured by a deed to secure debt executed by Wolfe Family Properties, LLC to Sea Island Bank dated August 15, 2006, recorded in Deed Book 1680, Pages 72-75, Bulloch County Records, the undersigned has declared the full unpaid amount of the indebtedness referred to due and payable and, acting under the power of sale contained in said deed, for the purpose of paying said indebtedness, will on the first Tuesday in January, 2009, during the legal hours of sale at the Bulloch County Courthouse, sell at public outcry to the highest bidder for cash, the lands described in said deed, to-wit: Property Address: 1230 Brampton Avenue, Statesboro, Georgia All that certain tract or parcel of land lying, situate and being in the 1209th G. M. District of Bulloch County, Georgia, and in the City of Statesboro, designated as Parcel No. 18-B, containing 1.67 acres, as shown on a plat prepared by Marlin Nevil, Registered Land Surveyor, dated June 13, 2006, last revised August 7, 2006, and recorded in Plat Book 63 , Page 175A, Bulloch County Records; said property being bound now or formerly as follows: Northwest by Parcel No. 18-A of the aforesaid plat 346.97 feet; East by the arc of a curve formed by the Western right-of-way line of Brampton Avenue (60' R/W) which subtends a chord having a distance of 227.60 feet (Radius = 1216.17 feet); South by lands of Thomas E. Rushing, Jr., et. al. 478.22 feet; and West by lands of Andrew W. Burns and Donald P. Nesmith 177.85 feet. The aforesaid plat and the description thereon are by reference incorporated herein and made a part of this description. Sale is made subject to all outstanding city, state and county ad valorem taxes. The undersigned will execute a deed to the purchaser as authorized by the aforementioned debt deed. This the 7th day of December, 2008. Sea Island Bank as Attorney in Fact for Wolfe Family Properties, LLC BROWN ROUNTREE PC P. O. BOX 1988 STATESBORO, GEORGIA 30459 c66738 12/18/08