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No. 9393
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No. 9393

CSSTP-0007-00(457), Franklin, Hart and Madison Counties

P. I. NUMBER 0007457

Notice is hereby given in compliance with Georgia Code 22-2-109 that the Georgia Department of Transportation has approved the Location and Design of this project.

The date of location approval is October 20, 2012.

This project is located in Franklin, Hart and Madison Counties and consists of upgrading the traffic signal equipment and installing pedestrian accommodations at the following existing traffic signals:

Hart County

1. SR 8/US 29 @ SR 17/Royston Bypass

2. SR 8 @ Wal-Mart

3. SR 8 @ Old US 29

Franklin County

1. SR 17 @ SR 59

2. SR 51 @ I-85 NB Ramp

3. SR 51 @ I-85 SB Ramp

4. SR 106 @ I-85 NB Ramp

5. SR 106 @ I-85 SB Ramp

6. SR 8 @ Cook Street

7. SR 59 @ SR 145/Royston Rd

Madison County

1. SR 72 @ SR 98

2. SR 8 @ Glenn Carey Rd - Signal Equipment Only

Drawings, maps, or plats of the proposed project, as approved, are on file and are available for public inspection at the Georgia Department of Transportation:

Tony Voyles, Area Engineer

301 Conger Road

Carnesville, GA 30521


Any interested party may obtain a copy of the drawings or maps or plats or portions thereof by paying a nominal fee and requesting in writing to:

Ms. Genetha Rice-Singleton, State Program Delivery Engineer

Office of Program Delivery

600 West Peachtree Street

Atlanta, Georgia 30308


Any written request or communication in reference to this project or notice SHOULD include the Project and P. I. Numbers as noted at the top of this notice. HS-24-4-6028-12/13