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In the Superior Court of Barrow

State of Georgia

Civil Action No. 12CV-1610-M

Nicole Smith,



Angela Stewart,


Order to Allow Service by Publication

Plaintiff s Motion to Allow Service by Publication having been considered, and it appearing that defendant, ANGELA STEWART, has departed from his residence and cannot be found within the state, or is concealing himself to avoid service of summons, and it appearing that plaintiff has been diligent in his attempts to locate and serve said defendant and that he is a necessary party to this action.

It is hereby ORDERED that plaintiff may serve defendant by publication of summons as provided by O.C.G.A. 33-7-11 (2), and that a copy of this action, and all pleadings thereto, be served upon plaintiff s uninsured motorist insurance carrier, as prescribed by law as though said insurance company were actually named as a party defendant.

This the 25th day of January, 2013.

Judge Currie M. Mingledorff II

Presented by:

Scott A.I. Hart

Attorney for Plaintiff

Georgia Bar No: 333699

1800 Peachtree Street

Suite 800

Atlanta, GA 30309