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PowerMac G5
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PowerMac G5, Defendant Property In Rem. NOTICE OF SEIZURE Pursuant to O.C.G.A. Section 16-13-49(n), any party claiming an interest in the forgoing Defendant Property In Rem is hereby notified that said property was seized by the undersigned law enforcement agency in Muscogee County, Georgia. Date and place of seizure: November 13, 2012, 5619 Hodges Drive, Columbus, GA 31909. Conduct giving rise to said seizure and violation(s) of law alleged: on the above date and place, the defendant(s) did, in Violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act: Manufacturing a Controlled Substance (Marijuana) and, the above listed items were bought with proceeds of controlled substance transactions or in close proximity to illegal narotics; the vehicle(s) seized were also used to transport controlled substances or used to directly or indirectly facilitate a violation of the Georgia Controlled Substances Act. You are further notified that you may file a claim within thirty (30) days of the second publication of this Notice of Seizure by sending a claim to Deputy Brockwell, and another original of said claim to Jennifer Dunlap, Assistant District Attorney, by certified mail with a return receipt requested, to the addresses set out below. This claim must comply with O.C.G.A. Section 16-13-49(n). Also, all claims should set out the physical address, not a Post Office Box, where the claimant can be served with process or, in the alternative, should indicate that claimant's attorney will acknowledge service. This 6th day of December, 2012. Jennifer Dunlap Assistant District Attorney c/o Ann Hudson 100 Tenth Street Columbus, GA 31902-1340 706-653-4336 Deputy Linda Brockwell Marshalls Office 100 10th Street Columbus, GA 31901 706-653-4385 Re: Forfeiture involving property seized from JARROD HILL AND JASON HILL TO WIT: (1) 1990 Honda Civic, 2 dr, AL tag 57A430T, 4 cylinder, Mileage: 166,332; VIN JHMED9368LS011737; (2) 1993 MTI Boat, gray, VIN: 404BD7012R1001078; (3) 1970 Skyline Camper, GA tag TL6E129, VIN: T783700; (4) Black home-made 14ft trailer; (5) Sturm Ruger & Co. Mini 14, SN:184-89-241 (6) Ruger Carbine 10-22, SN: 12307 (7) Emac white monitor; (8) Radio Shack mixer, SN: 05A07; (9)Acoustic Equalizer, MN: C435; (10) Black Clarinet; (11) Black Asahi Pentax Camera with Lens 1187585, lens 831707, 3x converter, 26m flash; (12) Assorted fishing rods and reels; (13) Ladder, SN: 021213-22; (14) Green metal box with assorted tools; (15) Black Pago Amplifier; (16) Gemini CD Player, SN GC0201855; (17) Craftsman 14" chainsaw; (18) Alloy Computer Products, SN: 1C0390; (19) Phono player, SN: SL1200MK2-M, MN: GE8EW45628; (20) GE VHS Player, SN: 713310170; (21) Dewalt Vacuum, SN: 48030; (22) Orion 21" TV, SN: 065430729715; (23) Microphone with realistic mike mixer; (24) Symphonic TV, SN: V12620230; (25) Blue bin with assorted cords and cables; (26) Base table in box; (27) Dewalt Miter Saw, SN: 26818; (28) Black speaker box; (29) Three (3) gray surround sound speakers; (30) Green inner tube; (31) Sonetic Breaker Box, MN: SA425, SN: 039487994; (32) Box containing grinder wheels; (33); (34) Bell & Howell auto load projector, SN: 72081; (35) Black & Decker travel cooler; (37) Hummingbird Fish Finder, SN: 5293058; (38) Craftsman Grinder, SN: 322684; (39) Wet/Dry Vac; (40) Hitachi Jig Saw, SN: C570389; (41) Dewalt Skill Saw, SN: 17447; (42) Hitachi Reciprocating Saw, SN: 510215; (43) Makita Drill, SN: 7493; (44) Dewalt Battery operated saw, SN: 956728; (45) Bandsaw; (46) Ryobi Grinder, SN: AB07309114; (47) Chicago Electric Grinder, SN: 1020101262; (48) Dewalt Radio, SN: 855188; (49) Weller Solder Gun; (50) Rechargeable Battery with Charger, SN: G0127; (51) Black tool box with wheels; (52) Pressure Washer, SN: 00625; (53) Blue Accordion in brown case; (54) Imac monitor, SN: SG951HL3HQS; (55) Sanyo TV, SN: V3360169529106; (56) Crickett 115 Welder, SN: 908071; (57) Samsung DVD/VCR player, SN: 6RAL518150D; (58) Gray speaker box; (59) Magnavox DVD Player, SN: U30740740, MN: MWD7006; (60) Tivo, SN: 540-0001-7095-98A1, MN: TCD-540080; (61) Phillips Digital Sound Center, SN: KY000203082543, MN: FR965/17; (62) 3-in-1 Casino House game; (63) Sony Cabinet; (64) Black Smokey Mountain Series Smoker; (65) Black Panasonic Speaker; (66) Green Tournament Fishing Bag; (67) White box with assorted drill bits; (68) Wakejet Inner Tube; (69) Blue Ryobi Paint Mixer; (70) Tool box with assorted tools; (71) Rockwell Hand Drill, MN: 4100; (72) Black & Decker hand drill, Type 3-7191; (73) Black & Decker Hand Drill, MN: 4.0A; (74) Brown Golf Bag with 14 clubs; (75) Black golf bag with 8 Desert Classic Clubs; (76) Brown golf bag with 13 Spalding clubs; (77) Black Ambico Camera Tripod; (78) Green airtech heater; (79) Sonetic Amp, SN: 039487991; (80) Chrysler cassette radio, SN: PO4704386AB; (81) Box of assorted tools; (82) Maxor Radio, MN: HCB-30, SN: 409003467; (83) DELL CPU, SN: CVXWC11, MN: MMP; (84) Comshare 750 Telephone line sharing; (85) Black mini shop vac; (86) Boat Propeller; (87) Assorted Simpson Collectables; (88) Six (6) boxes containing record albums; (89) Craftsman Drill, MN: 973-111430; (90) 2XS towable water tube; (91) Hydroslide boogie board; (92) Apple CPU, PowerMac G5; AFFIDAVIT Pub:Dec.9,16&23,2012(2495525)