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Sharpe Estate
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Sharpe Estate


(For Discharge from Office

and all Liability)

Probate Court of Barrow County

Re: Petition of C. NATHAN LITTLE for Discharge from office as Executor of the Estate of ROBERT CARLTON SHARPE, SR., Deceased.

To: All and singular the heirs of said decedent, the beneficiaries under the will, and to whom it may concern:

This is to notify you to file objection, if there is any, to the above referenced petition, in this Court on or before November 26, 2012.

Be Notified Further: All objections to the petition must be in writing, setting forth the grounds of any such objections. All pleadings/objections must be signed before a notary public or before a probate court clerk, and filing fees must be tendered with your pleadings/objections, unless you qualify to file as an indigent party. Contact probate court personnel at the following address/telephone number for the required amount of filing fees. If any objections are filed, a hearing will be scheduled at a later date. If no objections are filed, the petition may be granted without a hearing.

Tammy S. Brown

Probate Judge

By: Gail Collins

Probate Clerk

652 Barrow Park Dr., Suite D

Winder, GA 30680