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Notice is hereby given that on January 7, 2013 U-Haul Company of Western Georgia will be offering for sale under the contractual landlords lien process by public auction the following storage units. The goods to be sold are generally described as household goods. U-Haul reserves the right to refuse any and all bids. Payment will be made in cash only. The sale will begin at 1150 Dogwood Dr SE, Conyers, Ga at 8:30am and continue to each location. Location stops subject to change or cancel.

1150 Dogwood Dr SE, Conyers, Ga: Alfredo Fierro 123, Lakesia Ridgeway-Sainsbury 124, Wanda Burney 0127-0248, Ursula Gray 132, Luther Anderson 136, Jeanine Collins 152, Tara Denise Stringer 155-59, Seralina Clay 202, Pamela Hunter 220, Fernando Harrold 243-44, Vanetta Sallee 319, Eleneisda Scott 351-53, Elvin Gittens 1115, Tristan Adams 1131, Troy Reed 1209, Robert Bentley 1211, Tetre Mark 1239, Helen Butler 1400-3025-3039, Mark Cisco 1408, Andrea Lee 2008, Terrance Newberry 2207, Byron Reid 2209, Lisamarie Baez 2232, Matthew Purdon 3138, Carmen McCollum 3139, Dante Stroud 3170, Patrick Shields 3224, Lakeisha Fleming 3411.

929-101671, 12/27,1/3